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Save $140!

Enjoy a Luxurious Spa Experience & Reveal Glowing Skin - All From Home


Save $140!
Experience the refreshing relaxation of a spa facial every day with our skin-saving Complete Spa Bundle. Elevate your skincare routine with enhanced hydration and exfoliation to reveal fresh, glowing skin.

Facial Steamer: Hydrate & open pores for a 20x more effective routine

Pore Vacuum: Lift away debris & blackheads with advanced suction technology

Luna Skin Scrubber: Cleanse & tighten skin with ultrasonic vibration

Spa Headband: Protect your hair with ultra-plush comfort

$282.94 $139.99

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It’s dramatically helped my face become softer - closer to the skin I had in high school. Before, when exfoliating and trying products on my face, it broke out a lot. Now that I’m including this in my face regimen, I have less breakouts and blackheads. Facial steaming has helped my face tremendously with my products becoming more effective and absorbing on my face.

- Amanda V.

Reveal Beautiful, Professional-Quality Skin Care Results in Minutes Each Week

Get everything you need to smooth, clear, tighten, hydrate, and tone your way to stunning skin without leaving your house.

The Facial Steamer gently opens pores and primes your skin for 20x better absorption of other products


The Luna Skin Scrubber exfoliates with ultrasonic technology to loosen dirt, oil, and dead skin from the pores


The Pore Vacuum suctions away remaining debris, leaving your skin cleansed, toned, and glowing


Join Thousands Indulging in Spa-Grade Skin Care At Home

"My skin feels SO good. I didn’t expect my skin to feel so hydrated!"

- @Glownicky, YouTube Personality

"This facial’s literally the most relaxing tool ever."

- @rikkisandhuu, TikTok Influencer

"Opens and unclogs pores...makes my morning products more absorbable."

- @skynmaps, TikTok Influencer

"It’s super just opens up your pores for your skin care!"

- @jellybean.celine, TikTok Influencer
Save $140!

Revitalize Your Skin With Med-Spa Results, Now At Your Fingertips


Save $140!

We get it: professional spa facials provide the results and maintenance you need for glowing skin — but it’s hard to shell out hundreds per visit each month. Bring the same results home, save hundreds (if not thousands), and create your very own spa-like oasis without stepping out your front door.

Perfect for parties, girls nights, and those relaxing moments of daily maintenance, the Complete Spa Bundle combines all the invigoration of a spa day at home, with the same professional-level med spa results. Take yourself on a sensory beauty journey through softening, hydrating, exfoliating, and glowing with our signature 3-piece Spa Bundle routine.

The result? Dewy, radiant, youthful skin, in just minutes a week.

$282.94 $139.99

Interest-free payment plans: choose or Sezzle

  • Free Shipping
  • Money back
  • U.S. Delivery: 2-4 Days

Prevent Dry, Wrinkly Skin with BeautyTools' Complete Spa Bundle

Hydrate & Plump

Give your skin a long drink of water with the plumping moisture of our Facial Steamer — sized to carry with you wherever you need a moment of refreshment

Lift & Tighten

Stimulate collagen production and improve circulation in your uppermost layers of skin for a more youthful, lifted look

Cleanse & Tone

Loosen and lift away pore-clogging debris to reveal visibly smoothed, toned skin

The Complete Spa Bundle vs. Other Skin Solutions

Complete Spa Bundle Conventional Steamers Towel-and-Bowl Method
Multi-benefit hydrating, exfoliating, and toning
Skin-safe temperature regulation
No-risk glow guarantee

Fend Off Early Signs of Aging With Deep-Cleansing Power

“If you like to take care of yourself and you want to do it at home without appointments, wait and hassle.. if you want to have your self-care in the sanctuary of your home, this is what you're looking for.”

-Lisa Z.

“It’s absolutely wonderful! I got it as a gift for my mom and she’s loving it. She’s constantly telling me to touch her face, and feel how smooth it is, and there’s definitely a significant difference!”

-Angel M.

“I am absolutely in love with it...the facial steamer is amazing! I literally cannot believe how much the cleaning instrument sucked out my blackheads!!! My face feels so much cleaner, and smoother!”

- Lauren S.

Transform Your Skin Care, Totally Risk-Free

It’s our mission to bring little moments of luxury — and stunning results — to your everyday routine. That’s why we guarantee you’ll love the Complete Spa Bundle or we’ll issue a full refund. Even better: we want you to get so excited for your transformative new routine that we’ll ship in just 2-4 days for FREE.

Try the Complete Spa Bundle today and get fast, free delivery and guaranteed results — because you’re a BeautyTools NYC VIP.

It’s time to bring the spa experience home (and prevent pruney, dry skin).

Are you ready to totally rejuvenate your skin?

Your BeautyTools Questions, Answered.

How do I set up my facial steamer?

Getting glowy, hydrated skin with your facial steamer is as easy as removing the water tank, filling it with water, popping it back in, plugging in the steamer and relaxing!

How do I care for my facial steamer?

We recommend using distilled water when filling up your steamer, as it prevents long-term buildup of the minerals commonly found in tap water. Tap water won’t be harmful to your skin, but distilled water will ensure your steamer lasts longer.

Do you offer payment plans?

Yes! When you choose Shop Pay or Sezzle at checkout, you can pay for your Spa Bundle in small installments, making it totally affordable and simple to transform your skin routine!

How fast will my Complete Spa bundle ship?

All orders are processed within 24 hours!

Customers in the United States will typically receive their products in 2-5 days. Customers outside of the United States will receive their products in 5-10 days. The correct voltage and plug type will automatically be provided for international customers!

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